10 Reasons Why Moodboards are a requisite (1 Min Read)





  1. They can be made in lesser amount of time ..compared to the detailed 3Ds that can be used for a later stage while designing.
  2. Moodboards are helpful in translating the theme of the designers thought process  for the clients.
  3. Moodboards are a life saver while choosing the finishing materials. Imagine stepping the vast ocean of options with a terribly confused client!
  4. They streamline the designers thought process even if the project exceeds its deadlines and the designer looses the inspiration.
  5. Moodboards are excellent while explaining the mood and ambiance to the site contractors.
  6. The colour scheme and its mood helps to choose the appropriate lux level to achieve the perfect ambiance.
  7. I have personally observed that Moodbaords suddenly manifest into a better looking version of the visual image that we had in mind!There’s always scope for betterment!
  8. The time taken to create 3d views is reduced whilst searching for appropriate combinations,textures and furnishings.
  9. You can reuse the moodboards to understand a new clients Taste!
  10. While making Moodboards you also tend to survey the market to find the appropriate textures,materials, loose furniture & current styles. So there’s no harm in brushing up your skills before you start the project.


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